May 28, 2018



Edited: May 28, 2018

Role: Freelance Photographer

Location: Torrens Park, SA


Paul's love with photography dates back to 1960s where few imagined the world of technology and photography will transform completely into digital and that things will work fairly different if compared to 1960s.


Paul says: "I've been in love with imagery for as long as I can remember the greatest discoveries in my teens were the beauty of language, music, and the photographic image. In the early days the magic of the darkroom fascinated me, how the image could be created through the use of a simple chemical process. Over the years I embraced every advance that

made this process easier until eventually digital was born.


Now nothing stands in the way of creativity, Ironically, I have found myself becoming interested in film photography again in recent years as it provides a unique look, though at considerable expense. While there is nothing to compare with recording the emotions on the human face, I also love the challenge of bringing the inanimate to life in product

photography. I look forward to making my passion work for you."








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  • Role: Freelance Photographer Location: Kensington Gardens, SA Rohit joins our SA team with rich knowledge of working with people as a result of his extensive work experience in the hospitality. "Having worked in the hospitality industry for 12 years, with a skill set in people focus and services, I felt it was time I followed my passion for Photography. I am proud of the knowledge and techniques provided to me through my education at the CCP Adelaide which have made me Reliable, Resilient and Result oriented. I believe, I have the capability to constantly upgrade my learning skills and techniques by placing myself in the field."
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