May 28, 2018



Role: Freelance Photographer

Location: Sydney NSW

She says: "Photography is a great passion to me and the aesthetics is what drives me forward."


Anh loves to shoot Portraits, Weddings, Children, Pets & Events


Here is more from Anh:

"I used to make the mistake of seeing things and trying to

capture them in as many photo as possible, like a tourist. But

as time passed, I realized the true beauty of photography in

getting that perfect shot with perfect timing and framing. The

aesthetics dawned upon me.

I now often spend a lot of time looking and planning for that right angle and time to shoot a subject, rather than taking

lots of photos without thinking like I used to. And the ability to capture the aesthetics in photos always fascinates me in how it can later provoke human thoughts and emotions."


We share some of Anh's work with you here:







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  • Role: Freelance Makeup Artist Location: Sydney NSW Lauren is a fully qualified makeup artist with over 7 years of experience in the makeup industry. Some of Lauren's past work has included, Makeup for professional Snowboarder - Shaun White, Chanel 9's 'The Block', Makeup for Kara (Winner of the Block), Makeup for Layne Beachly, wedding expos, fashion and hair campaigns, Weddings, formals, spread effects, photoshoots. "My biggest passion has always been makeup and fashion. I started my makeup career at Sydney College of makeup art where I completed my diploma in 2011. Over the past 7 years I have continued to be amazed by my clients and the people I have been able to work along side." Here we share some of Lauren's work with you
  • Role: Freelance Photographer & Videographer Location: Sydney NSW Yves is the spirit of tasteful photographs and an absolute energised individual to work with. He is stylish, handsome and takes it easy when behind the camera. That's secret to his amazing work. From the famous French to vivid Sydney, the journey seems to be a joyful, fun and positive experience for Yves. You would for sure love Yves's dedication and commitment to get his English Language skills at the same top level as his skills while behind the camera. Here is the sweet way he says it all ;) "The photography and videography are at the first a passion for me ! That why I'm doing it with my heart, the most important thing for me is to create a link and a good feeling with my models. This is a team work and the result can only be amazing with a good mood and feeling ! I will always aware of your expectations and I will do my best for your satisfaction". We showcase some of his work here!
  • Role: Freelance Photographer and Videographer Location : Sydney NSW Meet Toni, an exceptionally talented photographer and videographer. Toni's work is among the top of the industry. He gives it everything it needs to achieve breathtaking results from his cameras. Carried his skills of being a cameraman from the Bitola Macedonia, in 2006, the destiny dragged him into NSW. With Diploma of Animation and Filmography from the land of Kiwis, the Yoobee School of Design Auckland New Zealand, Toni marks a 10+ plus experience in the industry. Here is what Toni says about being behind the camera and what it means for him: "I start in Videography at 2003 my first job was cameraman in TV small station in my town Bitola ,then in 2006 I went to Sydney Australia and I learn a Photography and Editing, My skills a very good in filming and I am using Final Cut Pro,Adobe Premiere CC, After Effects,Photoshop,Lightroom and Illustrator. I done many weddings, corporate videos ,music videos, films and photography I was studying in Auckland New Zealand for Animation and Filmography so far my experience in this industry is about 14 years I have a passion, motivation and hard work." Below are few samples of Toni's work
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