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Thank you for visiting my website!


I am a self-taught photographer since 2007. I fell in love with

photography from a young age at a part of the globe where it

was almost impossible to own a decent camera but there

was nothing to stop me pursuing my dreams and making them

come true.

In 2014, I successfully completed my Diploma of Professional

Photography from the Photography Institute of Australia

achieving a remarkable score of 106/110.


I have won more than 200 photography awards from

professional photography platforms from around the world and

am internationally published photographer.

When behind the camera, my goal is to capture photographs that

are strong, eye-catching, goal-driven and able to deliver a message.

I'm fun, friendly, creative, easy-going and energetic person to work

with. I go beyond my comfort zone to achieve what I want and to ensure my work and the final results meet the expectations of my clients.

I only use top of the range equipment because as a professional photographer I believe capturing eye-catching  photographs require both artistic eyes and tools.

Maintaining 100% customer satisfaction rate since 2013 has been my greatest success and achievement as freelance photographer.


Feedback from my clients can be found under the "BOOKING" page.

In addition to the photoshoots, I also offer one-on-one and group photography training sessions tailored to equip you with the right skills to capture stunning photos. I specialise in all areas of photography, which means I will be able to train you irrespective of what your area of interest is!


Please feel free to get in touch with me by writing to or call +61470279998.

I look forward to working with you.

Thank you


Khybr Himmat
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